Cage Liners & Recovery Pads

The Ideal Multi-Purpose Product

Superior Absorbency

Absorption rate is 720%.

Reduces Cage Changes

Liners reduce the number of times a cage needs changed, reducing labor costs.

Simplifies Health Checks

Animal discharges are instantly noticed on the bright white, virgin paper, allowing for quick health checks.

Great for High-Volume Animals

Can be used with or without bedding.

Reduces Risk

  • Reduces potential for animal loss from hypothermia after surgery
  • Reduces handling of animal, decreasing chances of infection
  • Reduces potential for incision contamination

Aids Animal Body Temperature

  • Aids in pulling moisture and body fluids away from the animal’s body
  • Helps maintain body temperature while sedated
  • Great for post-op recovery
  • Increases Efficiency

    All fluid weights can be monitored.

    Maintains Sterility

    Pads can be purchased irradiated or can be autoclaved.


    • 6” x 10” 25/pack 300/case
    • 7” x 16” 25/pack 300/case
    • 18” x 22.5” 25/pack 100/case