The Andersons Bedding System

What is The Andersons Bedding System?

Combining Enrich-o’Cobs premium blended enrichment bedding and our Bed-r’Nest portion controlled nesting material, The Andersons Bedding System provides mice with all of their husbandry needs — corn cob bedding, paper twists (nesting and enrichment) and paper strands (nesting and enrichment).

In short, The Andersons Bedding System is an easy-to-use, all-inclusive animal husbandry program.

The System is Made Up of Two Components:


Combining our Bed-o’Cobs 1/4″ corn cob bedding and our Enrich-n’Nest paper twists, Enrich-o’Cobs provides mice with a source of bedding, nesting and enrichment, all in one bag.


Made with 8 grams of virgin kraft paper, Bed-r’Nest provides mice with a source of nest building material that resembles the thin strands of grass and other substrates they instinctively use to build their nests in nature.

Why Use a Bedding System?

  • Provides a repeatable process
  • Allows for labor savings and lab efficiencies
  • Frees up technicians to spend time focused on animals

What Are the Benefits of The Andersons Bedding System?

In providing bedding, nesting AND enrichment, The Andersons Bedding System benefits both mice and labs.

Benefits to Mice

  • With Enrich-o’Cobs’ paper twists and Bed-r’Nest’s paper strands, mice are provided with multiple nesting materials, allowing them to build more complex nests, similar to their instinctive behavior in the wild.
  • These multiple nesting materials allow mice to exercise their natural nest-building behavior to adapt their environment for thermoregulation.
  • Allows mice more control over their environment, resulting in less abnormal behaviors.
  • Both Enrich-o’Cobs and Bed-r’Nest are virtually dust-free — making The System ideal for nude and hairless mice.
  • With paper twists to unfurl (Enrich-o’Cobs) and paper strands to pull apart for the nest (Bed-r’Nest), The System eliminates the need for additional enrichment items.

Benefits to the Lab

  • With two products providing all of the bedding, nesting and enrichment needs, it is easy for the lab to repeat the cage fill process, each and every time.
  • Labs quickly realize improved dispensing efficiency, as Enrich-o’Cobs contains both bedding and enrichment, and Bed-r’Nest makes it simple to provide nesting material to each cage.
  • Simplifying the dispensing and cage fill process frees up technicians to focus on animal health.

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