Enrich-n’Nest + Pure-o’Cel
= 1 Premium Enrichment Bedding

Premiuim Enrichment

  • This blend of Enrich-n’Nest paper rolls and Pure-o’Cel paper squares provides excellent opportunities for animal nesting and burrowing
  • Promotes animal activity and specie specific behavior
  • Made of 100% virgin paper
  • Perfectly suited for toxicology work and GLP studies

Superior Purity

Made of 100% virgin paper, Enrich-n’Pure is well suited for toxicology research.

Highest Absorbency

Perfect for diabetic and high volume animals

Dust-Free Performance

  • Avoids clogging air filters, and eliminates irritations for nude and hairless mice
  • Hypoallergenic

Bright White

Animal discharges are visible on the virgin, white paper, allowing for quick health checks.

Other Specifications

  • Instant observation of animal discharges
  • Increases animal comfort and well-being
  • Meets or exceeds rigorous laboratory standards
  • No dangerous fiber strands


  • 1.25 cu ft / 35 L bags
  • Enough to fill 111 standard (78 sq in) shoebox cages

Enrich-n'Pure - Day 1

Day 1
Enrich-n'Pure - Day 3

Day 3
Enrich-n'Pure - Day 6

Day 6