A Naturalistic Nesting Material Rodents Love


  • Mice build nests with the crinkle cut, naturalistic paper strands
  • Aids in thermoregulation
  • Offers enrichment for multiple animals in cage
  • Also the perfect enrichment for rats


  • Allows for tunnelling and foraging
  • Strands stay fluffed for optimum play

Dust-Free Performance

As a 100% virgin paper product, there are no cotton fibers or strands to irritate the animals.

Two Color Choices

Available in natural kraft or white paper.

Environmentally Friendly

Manufactured from paper which is biodegradable and incinerable.

Other Specifications

  • Ideal nest-building material
  • Allows for dome and complex nests
  • Easily disposed of
  • Thin strands allow for weaving and manipulating of the nest


  • 10 kg / 22 lb boxes
  • Provides nesting material for 1600-2000 standard (78 sq in) shoebox cages