Our Smallest Particle Bedding Provides
An Excellent Option For Small Animals

Soft Surface

Finely ground cob granules keep the animals’ living surface soft, providing a more comfortable environment.

Quick Absorbency

  • Absorbs liquids faster than larger beddings
  • Keeps animals on drier surface longer
  • Allows more time between cage changes
  • Ideal for diabetic rodents

Ammonia Encapsulation

Advanced odor control is perfect for isolator cages and ventilated caging systems.

Environmentally Friendly

This product is renewable, biodegradable, incinerable, compostable and is a product of annual crop production.

Other Specifications

  • Particles smaller than 1/8″
  • Bottom up absorption
  • Rapid wicking action
  • Cost savings with fewer cage changes


  • 1.25 cu ft / 35 L bags
  • Enough to fill 111 standard (78 sq in) shoebox cages 1/4″ deep